Hannah Fletcher-Tomlinson 

The human condition is a complex subject within which exists multiple separate discourses, and has been the core focus of my practice for many years now. From exploring the notion of the tortured artist, to the perceptions of our bodies, these enigmatic, and often controversial, topics have been explored through photography, painting and writing, with the intent of enabling deeper discussions on the subjects that are often pushed aside, or exploited for a successful career. 


Predominately focusing on the subconscious, my recent practice makes use of Surrealist automatic techniques to explore and document mental health and emotional states, that may be unaware to the artist themselves. Inspired by Cy Twombly and Missy Douglas, this latest work examines asemics, colour and mark-making in subconscious painting and how the daily documentation of states can reveal subliminal codes of habit. 


With a theoretical eye on the recent cognitive studies of interpretation, such as Appraisal and Ecological Valence theories, the work aims to create an emotional experience, whether in line with my original intentions or not, leaving interpretation open. Reliance on a person’s individual mediated frameworks of interpretation therefore begins to create a dialogue between others emotional and mental states and how to communicate these in a healthy approach.


2019 - Shirley Pearce Square ‘Landed’ Loughborough, United Kingdom.

2018 - The Welcome Mat Gallery, 'All 2 Human', Loughborough, United Kingdom 

2018 - The Welcome Mat Gallery, 'Pressure,' Loughborough, United Kingdom