• Hannah Fletcher-Tomlinson


Although poetry has always been featured alongside my work, it is within the past few months that I have tried to incorporate it directly into my paintings, consolidating my notions that language is another form of art.

Following my dissertation - 'Expression in Art: Interpretation and Analysis in "Untitled" Abstract Drawings' - the work of Cy Twombly and asemics in art has been a rapidly growing interest of mine. It allows me to explore personal automatic poetry in ways that can either reveal the entirety of its content, or instead obscure and create ambiguity through composition. It is an important aspect to consider, or at least experiment upon, considering the depth of emotion displayed in such poetry.

Recently, this has been achieved through inkblot techniques. Rorschach art seemed the next logical step in exploring automatism and the marks made through the subconscious. In particular, it is interesting to see how the development of my colour-emotion studies can create marks independent form myself, giving me less control. The splitting of factors led to using asemics in ink blots, and transforming specific phrases from my poetry into these marks to later see the correspondence between emotion and mark.

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